officeLocated in the heart of Eastern Pennsylvania's coal region,               Dr. Mike Trainer's Chiropractic Office in Tamaqua has helped people get well and stay healthier since 1984 with a very capable, professional, and friendly staff. His goals are relieve your pain as quickly as possible, develop a treatment plan to keep your pain from returning, and try to improve your overall health and wellness.


Who is Dr. Trainer?

Dr. Mike Trainer received his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Health and Physical Education from East Stroudsburg University in 1975.   He went on to receive a B.S. degree in Biology     and his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from the National University of Health Sciences in 1982 near Chicago, Illinois


What kinds of health problems does Dr. Trainer treat?

Dr. Trainer specializes in the conservative treatment of painful muscular and joint conditions and injuries, primarily focusing on lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, nerve pain or joint problems in the arms and legs, sport's injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, and worker's compensation injuries.



What type of treatments does Dr. Trainer use?

By using various non-surgical and drugless treatments (spinal manipulation, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, cold laser therapy,  soft tissue therapy/massage, and traction)  Dr. Trainer and his staff will help you to feel better fast and then advise you on how to stay that way.  Dr. Trainer will also make recommendations on nutrition, exercise, posture, and lifestyle changes which will add to your treatment program and guide you toward maximum recovery and sustained wellness.


What makes Dr. Trainer different?

With over 30 years experience, Dr. Trainer has been treating patients privately in his own office. He is not part of a large medical group. When you come to Dr. Trainer 's office as a patient,  you will see him on each and every visit for your treatment and be able to discuss your care and progress with him personally.  You will not be shuffled around to other doctors or have to deal with assistants or lesser trained medical personnel who may not be fully aware of all the particulars in your case. Dr. Trainer has the diagnostic skills to help him differentiate health conditions which will respond to chiropractic care and those which require the help of your family medical doctor or need a referral to a medical specialist.          Dr. Trainer has an excellent reputation with the local medical community and hospitals, and when needed will consult and coordinate any necessary medical care you may require with your other physicians. He takes a special interest in his patients and is proud of the care, compassion, and positive results that Trainer Chiropractic is known for.